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Saltburn Christmas Lights Being Prepared

2011 November 2
by Gadding About

Yes. It’s that time of year already and all yesterday afternoon Jackie Taylor was marshalling the volunteers of the Saltburn 500 Club and with the kind hospitality of Saltburn Arts preparing the Christmas Lights to be put up around Saltburn for the festive season.

Whilst volunteers busied themselves around her, Jackie kindly gave me the background about how this came to be an annual event,

Around the turn of the 1990s the council decided that it could no longer afford to put up Christmas Lights across the borough and I was approached by a local councillor who said that they’d be throwing out the lights they had. So I thought that we could use them and I went over to take my pick of what they had.

A few weeks later I received another call saying they were just going to throw out the remainder, so off we went again and rather than them go to waste we took everything they had left.

Since then the 500 Club have worked with businesses, charities and other organisations to ensure that Saltburn looks as festive as possible each year. Working come rain, sleet or snow, their tireless voluntary efforts make Saltburn proud every year.